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I’ve been busier than usual this week, so I’ve only just started my next book –The Revenant by Michael Punke. You’ve probably heard of it because of the recent Leonardo DiCaprio film, the same reason I decided to read it. I have a theory that if somebody decided to make a film out of a book, it must be at least half decent. I don’t watch many films, and I haven’t seen this one, but I always scan through the Oscar nominations to see if any are book adaptations. This is also what lead to me reading Room by Emma Donoghue earlier this year (Review to come at some point).

Like I said, I haven’t seen the film and I feel that’s a good thing. Books are, more often than not, better than their film adaptation. The plot is much different to anything I’ve read recently; I suppose that’s what gave it so much appeal. I’ve been trying to vary the things I read and not get stuck in one genre. This book begins with a man, Hugh Glass, being savagely attacked by a bear. I haven’t got any further, but as suggested by the blurb, he is left alone to die and resurfaces to take revenge on those who left him. I think.

The first couple of chapters were a little confusing. I’m still not entirely sure who this man is and what these people are doing in the Rocky Mountains. I think I might need to read the first chapter again, or maybe I’m not suppose to know yet? I’m only about 10% in and I admit, I was lagging a bit. However, I’ve just left it after the bear attack and the pace is picking up. I just feel like I don’t entirely know what’s going on. I’m confused.

I’ll report back.

EDIT: I also realise that the picture is terrible. I’ll take a better one later.

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