Currently Reading

The Revenant by Michael Punke is taking me longer to read than I anticipated. Admittedly, I’ve had quite a busy week, but I don’t think that’s the only reason. I’m just over halfway through and I’m only just starting to get into it. I told myself to stick with it and I’m glad I have.

There have been so many action filled moments so far, but these have been interspersed with history that is perhaps a little too researched. I don’t know much about early 1800s USA/Wild West, and I feel Punke is expecting me to understand more than I do. I am finding it interesting, but I’m struggling with some of the terminology. I’m having to guess and hope I’ll figure out what things are as I go on.

The characters are also difficult to engage with. I’m not feeling much for anyone other than Bridger at the moment.

I’m also finding the writing style and narrative a little odd, though not in a bad way. Punke frequently switches character perspective mid paragraph and it can get a little confusing. I like it though; it’s very different to anything I’ve read recently.

Sundays are the day I tend to power through books, so I’ll probably get through some more this evening. Hopefully it’ll continue to get better as I read on.

In other news, I won another Goodreads Giveaway (yay!), The End Game by Raymond Khoury. It’s number five in a series of crime novels, but reviews have assured me that it can be read on its own. It arrived on Friday, so I’ll be reading that next.


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