Review – The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

I am a big Gillian Flynn fan, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered she had released a new short story. The Grownup was originally published in a George R. R. Martin’s anthology, Rogues, under the title What Do You Do? I waited for it to be published separately before purchasing my copy.

The Grownup tells the story of a sex-worker/fake psychic, who is approached by a woman who believes her house is haunted and her son has been possessed as a result. The house is an old Victorian manor, with creaking floorboards and strange blood splatters on the walls. The psychic sees an opportunity to trick the woman and make a bit of money with a fake exorcism. It isn’t until she meets the woman’s son, that things start to get weird.

In true Gillian Flynn fashion, the characters in this 60 page novella are gritty, flawed and simply not very nice. Somehow she manages to make them compelling and likable. I still haven’t figured out how she does it, but it is one thing I love about her writing.

As expected, The Grownup is creepy, weird and full of twists and turns. I really enjoyed it, I just wish it had been longer, mainly out of selfishness for wanting Flynn to hurry up and write another novel.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys being thoroughly weirded out and wants a (very) quick read.

As this is a short story, it is difficult to review and rate. I’m reluctant to give it anything more than 7/10, simply because I wish it was a longer, full length novel.

I also think I’ll do a generic Gillian Flynn post about why everyone should read all of her books because they’re amazing.

7/10 – Something Missing

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